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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
From Europe to Italy (and viceversa) 1-gen-2014 Baiocco, Ruben
From evidence-based policy making to policy analytics 1-gen-2014 Giada De, Marchi; Lucertini, Giulia; Alexis, Tsoukiàs
From Hell to Hell. Recensione a From Hell - La vera storia di Jack lo Squartatore, regia di Albert e Allen Hughes, USA 2001 1-gen-2002 Centanni, Monica; L., Bonoldi; A., Pedersoli
From invisibility to visibility? 1-gen-2014 Cancellieri, Adriano; adriano e., saint blancat; Chantal,
From is to ought, and back: how normative concerns foster progress in reasoning research 1-gen-2014 Vincenzo, Crupi; Girotto, Vittorio
From micro to macromodels for in plane loaded masonry walls: proposition of a multiscale approach 1-gen-2013 Cecchi, Antonella; Vanin, A.
From military and industrial to tourist city. The case of La Spezia 1-gen-2015 Gastaldi, Francesco; Furlan, Elisa
From Musical Acoustics to Everyday Acoustics: a Physical Modeling Route 1-gen-2003 Rocchesso, Davide
From Paradox to Paradigm? Historic Urban Landscape as an urban conservation approach 1-gen-2012 Bandarin, Francesco
From plaster to bronze. Monuments and memory in Moscow after the October Revolution 1-gen-2020 Rossi, Federica
From point cloud to digital fabrication: a tangible reconstruction of Ca' Venier dei Leoni, the Guggenheim museum in Venice 1-gen-2016 Balletti, Caterina; D'Agnano, Francesco; Guerra, Francesco; Vernier, Paolo
From Points to Habitat: Relating Environmental Information to GPS Positions, Spatial Database for GPS Wildlife Tracking Data 1-gen-2014 Urbano, Ferdinando; Mathieu, Basille; Pierre, Racine
From Russia with Love : un avamposto: Il Badaevskiy Brewery a Mosca di Herzog & de Meuron 1-gen-2021 Moschetti, Vincenzo
From scenic beauties to heritage territory 1-gen-2015 DARIO PAOLUCCI, Matteo
From scenic beauties to heritage territory 1-gen-2016 DARIO PAOLUCCI, Matteo
From sources of financial value to commons: Emerging policies for enhancing public real-estate assets in Italy 1-gen-2018 Mangialardo, Alessia; Micelli, Ezio
From space to milieu: New analytical tools in the knowledge era 1-gen-2012 Cusinato, Augusto
From Surface to Core: a Multi-layer Approach for the Real Estate Market Analysis of a Central Area in Catania 1-gen-2015 Gabrielli, Laura; Giuffrida, Salvatore; Trovato, Maria Rosa
From the Cosmos to Man and back : a reading of Plate B in Aby Warburg's Mnemosyne Atlas 1-gen-2017 Centanni, Monica; Bergamo, Maria
From the Early Paintings to the First Reflective Surfaces 1-gen-2010 Vettese, ANGELA GIOVANNA
Mostrati risultati da 7.383 a 7.402 di 23.045
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