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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
A brief about Extended Life Cycle Cost 1-gen-2005 Manfron, VITTORIO ORESTE
A comment om 18th-century studies attempting to explain the statics of arches and domes 1-gen-1995 Cecchi, Antonella; Siviero, Enzo
A comparative evaluation of Regression Learning algorithms for Facial Age Estimation 1-gen-2014 Carles, Fernández; HUERTA CASADO, Ivan; Prati, Andrea
A comparison between numerical and analytical homogenized models for visco-elastic brickwork 1-gen-2013 Cecchi, Antonella; Taliercio, A.
A comprehensive project for the Venice lagoon 1-gen-1991 Bandarin, Francesco
A Computational Formulation for Coupled Response of Trabecular Meshwork in Human Eye 1-gen-2005 Meroi, Emilio; Schrefler, B. A.; Dorigo, M. T.
A computational mechanics approach to the analysis of dental implants 1-gen-1997 Meroi, Emilio; Natali, A. N.
A computational mechanics formulation for soft tissues as multiphase media 1-gen-2001 Meroi, Emilio; Natali, A. N.
A computer method for evaluation of total energy demand in buildings shaded by horizontal blades with automatic control 1-gen-2000 Carbonari, Antonio; Rossi, Giancarlo
A Cost-Benefit-Analysis and Multi-Criteria Analysis as Decision Support Systems in Transportation Engineering 1-gen-2008 Cappelli, Agostino; Libardo, Alessandra
A critical analysis of the Maritime Education and Training System in Italy with respect to international requirements and the EU situation 1-gen-2000 Mazzarino, Marco; Maggi, E.
A Cross-Modal Electronic Travel Aid Device 1-gen-2002 F., Fontana; A., Fusiello; M., Gobbi; V., Murino; Rocchesso, Davide; L., Sartor; A., Panuccio
A design tool to assess the exploitation of renewable energy in buildings 1-gen-2013 Schibuola, Luigi; Scarpa, Massimiliano; Tambani, Chiara
A development pathway to optimise sustainability of water investment and minimise social cost 1-gen-2012 Gilmont, M.; Antonelli, Marta; Greco, F.
A Digital Delay Line Based on Fractional Addressing 1-gen-1998 Rocchesso, Davide
A Dispersive Resonator in Real Time on MARS Workstation 1-gen-1992 A., Paladin; Rocchesso, Davide
A Distributed Outdoor Video Surveillance System for Detection of Abnormal People Trajectories 1-gen-2007 S., Calderara; R., Cucchiara; Prati, Andrea
A Dynamic Programming Technique for Classifying Trajectories 1-gen-2007 S., Calderara; R., Cucchiara; Prati, Andrea
A dynamic skylight for daylighting and assisting climatisation in a medium size room. 1-gen-2006 Carbonari, Antonio; Peron, Fabio; Cereser, N.
A Fast Mellin Transform with Applications in DAFx 1-gen-2004 A., De Sena; Rocchesso, Davide
Mostrati risultati da 15 a 34 di 2.147
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