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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Technology innovation in social housing 1-gen-2014 Rossetti, Massimo
The biogeographical value of the vegetation of the North-Adriatic sandy coastal system 1-gen-2011 Filesi, Leonardo; Sburlino, G.; Buffa, G.; Gamper, U.; Ghirelli, L.
The Influences of perceptual grouping on the temporal dimension of auditory events. 1-gen-2014 Sinico, Michele
The role of elevation cue in pictorial depth space 1-gen-2003 A., Costall; G., Parovel; Sinico, Michele
The Slit Skirt. Fashion and Empathy in the Tango Era 1-gen-2012 Vaccari, Alessandra
The Slit Skirt: Fashion and Empathy in the Tango Era 1-gen-2012 Vaccari, Alessandra
The three sites for Palazzo Littorio between propaganda and contradictions (1932-1940) 1-gen-2012 Salatin, Francesca
The value of energy efficiency in the real estate market of Northern Italy 1-gen-2014 Copiello, Sergio; Bonifaci, Pietro
Transit cities at Europe's doors, catalysts for unwanted migrants 1-gen-2007 Marconi, Giovanna
Tunnel effect with moving objects of different lengths 1-gen-1999 Sinico, Michele
Urban Integrated Regeneration: Lessons from Two European Cities 1-gen-2008 Musco, Francesco
Vegetation mapping and phytosogiological analysis of Cilento National Park riparian vegetation 1-gen-2012 Rosati, L.; Salerno, G.; Lapenna, M. R.; Villani, M. C.; Fascetti, S.; Filesi, Leonardo
Visual discrimination of intermodal launching events 1-gen-2005 Sinico, Michele
Mostrati risultati da 45 a 57 di 57
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