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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
H VEN LC3 A Flexible Platform for consulting Museum and Institution Archives : Le Corbusier’s Project (1960s) for the Venice Hospital 1-gen-2014 Borgherini, Malvina; Comacchio, Luciano; Garbin, Emanuele
Hardware prefetching techniques for cache memories in multimedia applications 1-gen-2000 R., Cucchiara; M., Piccardi; Prati, Andrea
The heritage of stereotomy, and new perspectives for building in a sustainable way 1-gen-2010 Bergamo, Francesco; Liva, Gabriella
High efficiency desiccant systems for air conditioning applications 1-gen-1999 Schibuola, Luigi
High efficiency desiccant systems integrated with cogeneration units 1-gen-2003 Schibuola, Luigi
High efficiency retrofit in historic buildings by demand-controlled ventilation 1-gen-2013 Schibuola, Luigi; Scarpa, Massimiliano; Tambani, Chiara
High resolution and automatic survey of buildings by IR thermography 1-gen-2010 Peron, Fabio; P., Bison; E., Grinzato; X., Maldague; G., Cadelano
His engine’s voice: towards a vocal sketching tool for synthetic engine sounds 1-gen-2014 Baldan, Stefano; DELLE MONACHE, Stefano; L., Comanducci
Historic Photoplanes 1-gen-2000 Guerra, Francesco; Pilot, Luca
Historic rural landscape in highly transformed areas - Looking for cultural landscape in Kami Shiojiri 1-gen-2005 DARIO PAOLUCCI, Matteo
Historical and Scientific notes on the "Pietra di Aurisina" 1-gen-2000 Lazzarini, Lorenzo
Historical Housing stocks: Reliability and costs of rehabilitation 1-gen-1994 Manfron, VITTORIO ORESTE; Sinopoli, N.
Historical, technical, petrographic, and isotopic features of Aphrodisian marble 1-gen-2002 Lazzarini, Lorenzo; G., Ponti; M., PREITE MARTINEZ; P., Rockwell; B., Turi
History painting according to Gerhard Richter: photopaintings and the rhetoric of montage 1-gen-2011 Mengoni, Angela
Homogenization of masonry vault bridges: Sensitivity to external stone arch 1-gen-2013 Reccia, Emanuele; Cecchi, Antonella; Tralli, A.
HOT-BOX TESTS FOR BUILDING ENVELOPECONDENSATION ASSESSMENT 1-gen-2002 Peron, Fabio; Romagnoni, Piercarlo; M., Colombari; M., Zobec
How can bottom-up, collaborative practices innovate landscape management and governance processes at local level? Some empirical evidences and a case study from Italy 1-gen-2014 Sarah, Stempfle; Elena, Gissi; Reho, Matelda
HR-DTMs, geomorphometry and landscape management: the price and the value of high resolution 1-gen-2011 Trevisani, Sebastiano
HUMAN WAYFINDING ABILITIES TO REACH AN AREA OF REFUGE IN A VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT 1-gen-2012 E., Carattin; E., Labate; C., Meneghetti; F., Pazzaglia; Tatano, Valeria
Mostrati risultati da 820 a 839 di 2.147
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